No gas. No waste. No problem. We’re excited to make TSH Delft our most sustainable hotel ever! That’s why we’re looking for innovative ideas, creative masterminds and fresh new ways of thinking about the world. And we believe local Delft students may be the answer.

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RUOK?A conversation could save a life

On World Suicide Prevention Day, The Student Hotel and R U OK? joined forces to dispel the taboo surrounding depression and to encourage people to openly discuss and explore the topic of mental health and well-being.

The Student Hotel became an active ambassador of mental health after student resident, Jaehoon Cho from South Korea, shared his story of losing his mom to depression and suicide with CEO Charlie MacGregor during the BedTalks free-thinking festival in Amsterdam City. As a result, we decided to set up a special program focused on the well-being of our students called TSH life. R U OK? Day is the start of our TSH Life initiative.

Despite the serious topic, the R U OK event was a program of “serious fun,” in which speakers explored the positive effects of exercise, controlling negative thoughts, spending time with friends and getting enough quality sleep.

Favela Street Project

TSH Transformational Crowd Program is proud to be a supporter of Favela Street Foundation, a non-profit football foundation which cultivates roles models in areas of hardship across the globe. This project bought together 6 incredible role models from the Favelas of Rio & Port au Prince to Amsterdam, for a 2 week role model program. TSH was happy to donate 93 free nights at The Student Hotel to help make this important international mission happen.

Bed TalksShare, Connect, Inspire

Bed Talks is a TSH managed, free-thinking event that connects extraordinary people working on positive change in the world and offers them a platform to further propel their ideas, their initiatives and projects. The public events bring together locals and guests, inviting them to engage in conversations with each other, inspire each other, learn from each other, and hopefully find new collaborations, friends and maybe even go change the world for the better.

Stella FoundationJaehoon Cho

Jaehoon Cho was a TSH Semester student 2015/16 who discovered his purpose over this period while discussing cultural differences in the international kitchens of Semester accommodation. Today he is the founder of The Stella Foundation, named after his mother, which sets out to create awareness and an open environment to discuss the stigma of depression in Korea, a country with the highest depression and suicide rate of all OECD countries. TSH transformational crowd program are proud to support his inspiring mission.

TSH ChangemakerScholarships for a new world order

We love responsibility and changing the world. That includes sharing our journey with talented young people with unlimited potential. It’s in this spirit that we’re offering an opportunity to one lucky dreamer to join us this 2017-2018 academic year. The TSH scholarship program offers free housing for an aspiring young female entrepreneur from a developing economy, whose ambition is to develop and realize their talent in the Netherlands.

Better opportunities for an adventurous world

Our humble goal is to extend full access to our awesome housing and student community to people from all backgrounds, especially those driven by an ambition to change the world. According to the European Commission, female entrepreneurs constitute just a third of start-up entrepreneurs throughout the EU and globally! We want to do our part in changing this depressing statistic by tipping the scales in favor of a powerful and diverse entrepreneurial community.

Student enjoying the student hotel

TSH Lifeis creating inspiration

TSHLife is a hub for comprehensive, co-curricular programs and services that prepares our guests for changing the world. TSHLife focuses on 5 main areas of interest: health & wellbeing, transformative learning, safety, career & talent development, and social & cultural events. Combining these areas builds a powerhouse for inspiration and creativity within our TSH community.

Desperate times, smart solutions

TSHLife is a response to the desperate need in Europe for better, more attractive student residence life services. The Office of Education at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences (DUO) reports that in the 2016-2016 academic year, the quantity of international students rose by 6,163. And the same is happening in other European cities. More students mean housing providers must pivot their traditional offerings towards a more holistic model. TSH’s pioneering Community Coaches—students passionate about community, learning and nurturing an awesome and ambitious student community—are our answer to a pressing problem.

TSH Living LabHow to Save Water When Others Pay the Bill?

TSH, Wageningen University (WUR) and start-up partner Amphiro aim to pioneer scalable, innovative approaches to urban living challenges. Our current research pilot with WUR studies how different forms of incentivization can positively change water and energy consumption among TSH students and guests. The project fits shower hoses with Amphiro devices, which show how much water is being used by showing a graphic of a polar bear on an ice cap. As water is consumed, the ice cap melts, motivating a speedier shower. Initial findings at TSH Rotterdam and The Hague locations show that such a device on average reduces water use by students and hotel guests by 20%!

Smarter water consumption

Findings by the European Commission point to water shortages across Europe. Saving water and promoting water-conserving behavior is critical to the sustainability of European cities, and particularly so in countries such as Italy, where TSH will open its doors in at least three locations by 2019. The need for conservation is a wakeup call—it’s time to engage in innovative partnerships, such as ours with WUR and Amphiro, to discover how the hotel industry can play a leading role in water-saving efforts across Europe and beyond.

Project LucyResearch for inspired cycling

Project LUCY (Learning and Understanding Cyclists) uses TSH as a Living Lab to understand more about urban cycling behavior, and to contribute to more efficient and shared forms of mobility in cities plagued by congestion.

Pedal power

Cycling has long been used for both leisure and everyday travel activities, but research into how cyclists move through urban environments and how we can influence these choices remains scarce. There are not many answers to questions how (fast) people form habits and why they make the choices they do when they get on a bike. With Project LUCY, TSH and the Technical University of Delft aim to pioneer scalable and innovative approaches to urban living challenges. Beginning with our pilot in Amsterdam, we hope to lay the groundwork for shared solutions for urban mobility, and decreasing the usage of cars as a way from here to there!

SustainabilityIt's in our DNA

We are transparent in what we do, how we do things, and what we aim to achieve. We celebrate life and enjoy our journey. Join us!

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