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We work directly with educational institutions to give students an all-inclusive campus experience, helping them to learn, stay, work and play in a place they’re proud to call home.

We offer 6,000 rooms in 14 university cities across Europe (and counting!), with each location featuring exceptional facilities such as fully-furnished private rooms, classrooms, study areas, 24/7 gyms and comfy chill-out zones. So if you want the best for the students at your institution, you’ve come to the right place! Our partnerships are flexible and collaborative, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and discover how we can work together.

Our response to COVID-19

The safety and wellbeing of our student guests is our top priority. Follow the link below to discover how we are responding to COVID-19.

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Safe and easy


A full student campus experience with private rooms and bathrooms, shared kitchens, quiet study spaces, 24/7 gym access, play areas, an auditorium, workshop facilities, and a buzzy restaurant.

Safe and easy

We care about student well-being as much as you. That’s why there’s 24-hour security, private rooms and keycard-only floors. Students can also ease into their stay with handy perks like meal-deals and app features designed to keep them connected.


The Student Hotel is the place to be for meeting like-minded people with purpose. Our huge, communal areas, packed-out events, and fully connected app, give students the chance to collaborate with an international community, and change the world too!


Students are the future-shapers! And we encourage them to reach their potential (and beyond!) with internship opportunities, high-heat pitching events and communal work spaces, so they can meet passionate people from all walks of life, and learn as they go.

Anything is possible

Create your customised booking

You can book with The Student Hotel in any way that suits your needs. Full academic years; Spring or Fall semesters; winter courses; trimester stays; faculty-led groups; custom programmes. So get in touch and let’s make it happen!

Central locations

You’ll find us at 16 hotels, across 14 top European cities (and more soon!). Our safe, central locations ensure students are close-by every essential they’ll need, for study time and down time.

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