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The Student Hotel

Our Story

When Charlie MacGregor founded The Student Hotel, he did it on the strong belief that students deserved better. Beyond accommodation, they needed an inspiring space to explore their purpose, realise their potential and change the world.

TSH quickly blossomed into an inclusive community with a fun-loving, ever-disruptive attitude – attracting leisure guests, digital nomads and everyone in between. Our visitors became more diverse and so did we, evolving into a boundary-blurring hotel and growing into a complete connected community.

Stay curious.

We not only welcome students, but guests and visitors from all walks of life with an open mind, love of learning and curious nature; with what we call a ‘student spirit’.

Bringing communities together provides an opportunity to learn from one other.

Felix Hillen, General Manager

The student spirit can be seen everywhere from our bold design and impactful initiatives to our ever-inspiring students, guests and co-workers.

What we’re doing

Why we're here

We believe that everybody with a student spirit should feel inspired to explore their purpose and change the world.

What we’re doing

We’re creating a complete connected community, where the curious by nature come together to make a difference.

How we’re doing it

We build physical, digital and cultural spaces that inspire; where people learn, stay, work and play, growing through shared experiences and stories.

Bringing people together

Complete Connected Community

At The Student Hotel, community is at the centre of everything we do – from how we build our hotels to how you experience them. From the students that live with us to weekend travellers, co-workers, coffee-grabbers, and everyone in between, we’re all part of the complete connected community. Together, we learn, grow and evolve through the interactions we experience every single day.