Two unique Dutch cities, one flamboyant battle! Which city should host the Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

Are you #TeamMaastricht or #TeamRotterdam? Here are a few things that will help you pick a favourite:


Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands, is a true hero city. Having been re-built from scratch after WWII, it has risen from the ashes – in fact, Conchita Wurst could have written Rotterdam’s anthem; hence ‘Rise like a Phoenix’. The city is notorious for its edgy architecture, where you’ll find New York-like skyscrapers, Berlin-esque artistic murals and off-the-wall funky cube houses. Rotterdam is self-willed and does what it wants. That’s also what makes the city great for a night out! Will you be rooting for its venue, Rotterdam Ahoy Arena? Join #TeamRotterdam.


If you think Maastricht is a small-town player. HA! Think again. It’s the most European city in Europe… and not just because the European treaty was born here. But because this city is a melting pot of European influence, from France and Germany to the rest of The Netherlands. The Burgundian lifestyle dates all the way back to the Roman Empire and is all about enjoying life, food, drinks, and music. Sounds like the MECC Maastricht venue promises the perfect flavour for Eurovision, right? Can we get a whoop whoop for #TeamMaastricht?

See you there

The winner will be decided mid-August. Naturally, The Student Hotel in both Rotterdam and Maastricht will celebrate the Eurovision song festival in May 2020. Sign up to our special edition newsletter below for all the details – and be prepared for a few surprises!

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