The Student Hotel is where the needs of the demanding 21st century student and the design-savvy traveller of today meet in dynamic harmony. By fusing luxury, long-stay student accommodation with short-stay facilities for the social globetrotter, The Student Hotel is pioneering a modern hybrid in hospitality, the likes of which have never been seen.

Featuring stylish lounges and a restaurant-bar fit for the social, game areas for the playful, and libraries for the studious. Each and every one of our locations provides ample space to live and thrive.

Trendy design throughout each hotel is coupled with quality accommodation for genuine comfort. And convenience is at the heart of our hotel, with reception staff helping guests feel safe and sound around the clock.


A vibrant international community makes being here exciting, with city trips, parties, comedy nights, and many more social events completing The Student Hotel experience. Whether staying here for a day or for a year, our guests are left smiling.


The Student Hotel was founded by Scottish entrepreneur Charlie MacGregor in Amsterdam. The company’s roots lay in Scotland where the MacGregor family started building student accommodations for The University of Edinburgh in 1982.

Today, The Student Hotel offers fully-serviced, state-of-the-art accommodation in cities throughout Europe: 485 rooms in Rotterdam (opened 2012), 707 rooms in Amsterdam West (2013), 309 rooms in The Hague (2014), 574 rooms in Amsterdam City (2015) and under the brand Melon District over 597 rooms in Barcelona (2015) and 191 in Paris (2015).

The Student Hotel properties have enjoyed full or near-full occupancy since their opening. Plans are under way to open further properties across Europe, bringing to life The Student Hotel vision for a network of welcoming hubs where students, young professionals and travelers from a variety of different cultural and academic backgrounds can make connections across the academic, entrepreneurial and social spectrum.


The growth and success of The Student Hotel is the result of strong public-private partnerships with local and international stakeholders. An extensive international network of universities, hospitality partners and start-up communities enables The Student Hotel to help European university cities in attracting and retaining young talent from around the world.

Together with city government and property companies, vacant buildings or building plots in regeneration areas are identified and fast-tracked for development. From acquisition, rehabilitation to opening can therefore happen in as little as 12 months. Planning and development are supported by a team of international experts.


Charlie MacGregor

CEO and Founder

Charlie MacGregor is the CEO and founder of the company. Born and raised in Edinburgh, he moved via London to Amsterdam to establish a company focused on the accommodation needs of the Millennial generation.


Managing Director

Felix Hillen is Managing Director and a partner in The Student Hotel group. Felix is responsible for all procedural and operational aspects of The Student Hotel. He has extensive experience in the hotel industry. Before joining The Student Hotel Felix worked as Asset Manager and Financial Director for Eden Hotel Group.



Frank Uffen is Partnership Director and a partner in The Student Hotel. He works with universities, governments and organisations across the world to ensure that The Student Hotel adds value to the academic success, professional opportunities and personal well-being of international students and local talent.

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