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At The Student Hotel, we are committed to creating state-of-the-art facilities and colourful experiences we believe will change the way we live, work and travel and that redefine our understanding of what makes a ‘student’.

Hospitality Experts

The Student Hotel was founded by Scottish entrepreneur Charlie MacGregor in Amsterdam. The company’s roots lay in Scotland where the MacGregor family started building student accommodations for The University of Edinburgh in 1982.


We aim to create the best space where students can find their purpose and change the world. Not just with the well-designed and thought-out rooms, or the many great shared communal facilities. When we think “best space,” we think of a stimulating environment and an exciting global community.

What we discovered along the way, is this type of atmosphere really inspires all who encounter it. The Student Hotel is a place where anyone with a student spirit – curious, open, free, adventurous – can thrive.



So we reimagined our hotels as boundary-blurring spaces where students, travellers, mobile professionals, creative nomads, enterprising minds could connect in smart design co-living and co-working spaces. This is now fast becoming Europe’s biggest hybrid accommodation for students and professionals, our Complete Connected Community.


The growth and success of The Student Hotel is the result of strong public-private partnerships with local and international stakeholders. An extensive international network of universities, hospitality partners and start-up communities enables The Student Hotel to help European university cities in attracting and retaining young talent from around the world.

Together with city government and property companies, vacant buildings or building plots in regeneration areas are identified and fast-tracked for development. From acquisition, rehabilitation to opening can therefore happen in as little as 12 months. Planning and development are supported by a team of international experts.

co-living, co-working

Our business model provides a unique hybrid destination for a fast-growing international community. Our current locations include Rotterdam, Amsterdam West, Amsterdam City, The Hague, GroningenEindhoven and Maastricht.  

In 2017 the Melon District properties in Barcelona and Paris were upgraded with new facilities and services further integrating them into The Student Hotel group.

New locations are set to open in Bologna in 2018; Delft, Madrid and Berlin in 2019; and Vienna, and Rome in 2020. The group plans to have 41 properties in European cities by 2021.



All our locations are built with the same general blueprint in mind: fully-equipped rooms and studios, kitchens (shared or private), flexible co-working space, chill out lounges, libraries, TedTalks booths, ping pong tables, gyms, all-day dining restaurants, designer bikes, laundry facilities, meeting rooms, auditoriums, calendar of events, swimming pools (select locations), shared common facilities and extensive ground floors where people can come together. And the beating heart of each of our hotels: our melting pot, student-for-life community.

Charlie Macgregor

CEO and Founder

The Student Hotel was started in 2006 after I had been in the Netherlands for two years. I’d been involved in student accommodation for a long time in the UK. When I was in Netherlands, I saw that students were being offered sea containers as a new housing. I saw that there was a four-year waiting list for housing corporation rooms. I saw that the system couldn’t cope and was having a negative effect on the students and their ability to study at their chosen university. So, I started to try to replicate the UK model of student housing. I wanted to take all the good things I learned in the UK and make it better — much better!

We wanted to serve the students better than they are being served. We wanted to bring parents into their experience. We wanted to bring different communities all together in one building.

We didn’t know that we were going to be a hotel, not just for students, but open to everyone. It wasn’t really the master plan. I knew I wanted to build the best quality accommodation that we could, with great shared common facilities that really inspire people to come together and connect. I think it’s really been a surprise to everybody how well it works, how much the hotel guests really pick up on the atmosphere the students, our sacred customer, bring to the space. The two different energies just kind of meet and create a very special experience. It’s my hope that this kind of experience can rekindle or help the student spirit in people stay alive for as long as possible. If we can have a positive role in that process of understanding and learning how other cultures work, then hopefully we can make a little contribution to world peace.


Managing Director

Felix joined The Student Hotel as MD in 2011, when he learned about Charlie’s inspiring vision to create the best student accommodation. Together they developed the hybrid hotel concept, merging co-working and co-living for students, entrepreneurs and a new generation of world travelers. Felix’ broad range of experience across hospitality, finance, marketing, strategy and investments suited the wide variety of skills the company needed. As a true generalist, he loves connecting different fields, knowing enough about everything to have a broad perspective on the business.

Felix passion for TSH is closely connected to his drive to make a positive impact. He strongly believes that facilitating students from 50 or more cultures to share their lives for 5 or 10 month helps them find their purpose and develop a more positive and diverse view on the world.



Frank Uffen was born in Rotterdam, gained a MA in City Planning from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from IE Business School, Madrid. He joined TSH in 2010 after discovering a shared passion to do things better and differently with Charlie. Uffen’s previous career saw him working as an urban planner, but now he’s Director of Partnerships for TSH, leading the company’s mission to establish a globally connected community, powered by the introduction of the TSH Life app and the TSH Ambassadors and Connectors programme.

Frank understands policy makers, education providers and real estate developers — all while speaking their different languages and translating between them. This passion for planning and connections also led him to co-found ‘The Class of 2020’ in 2011. The initiative’s goal is improve the quality of student living throughout Europe by bringing people together at events and partnering with higher education officials, city leaders and developers.


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