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We’re big believers in the power of community. With community comes opportunity. In the past year, we’ve seen an evolution in the way we live, work, and learn – as digital innovations have seen physical and geographical barriers broken down, opening up more global connection and opportunity.

Innovation is in our nature – it’s the foundation of how we started, shaking up the hospitality sector with an exciting new hybrid concept based on creating connected communities. While our industry has faced obvious challenges, we also see exciting new opportunities for growth – embracing an unlimited digital space where we can continue to encourage, empower, and energise our community.

We recognise that upskilling is necessary to keep up with our rapidly changing world, which is why we decided to join forces with tech community Talent Garden create exciting learning opportunities for our global community.

Nowadays, the period of your life dedicated to study and the period dedicated to work are not divided but overlapping, and it’s normal, even requested, that when you start working you continue to build skills and competencies. Both reskilling and upskilling are also crucial to cope with a global context in constant evolution, with continuously changing demands and the need for new professions and competencies.

Talent Garden Innovation School is one of the most innovative educational institutes in Europe: it develops fast, in-depth training programs designed to meet the real needs of the job market, with the aim of promoting employability and career growth. Together, we offer a premium online learning experience where like-minded students and professionals can build on their digital skills or change careers entirely. Courses are varied, spanning from coding and data analysis to marketing, design and business, and come in a blended learning format so you get the best of remote learning and face-to-face interaction when you need it. Whether you are studying abroad, looking for post-graduate opportunities or want to have a new skill up your sleeve, TSH and Talent Garden are here to help you grow!

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Online International Courses

Online Italian Courses

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