1. Introduction

The Student Hotel takes the privacy of our guests and the users of our (mobile) applications and our websites very seriously. We treat all the personal data of our guests with great care and we always act in accordance with, and in many cases exceed, the applicable national and international data protection legislation.

This privacy statement describes our privacy practices when you visit and/or use our mobile applications and/or websites that are (co)owned or licensed by The Student Hotel, (together: the ‘Websites’), make a reservation at The Student Hotel or visit one of our accommodations such as our hotel, food & beverage locations (‘The Pool’), co-working spaces (‘TSH Collab’), the gym or any other property that belong to The Student Hotel. This Privacy Statement describes which personal data are collected from you and for which purposes we process your personal data.

2. Use

This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of personal data by or on behalf of TSH Management B.V., (or its affiliate companies) a limited liability company registered under the laws of the Netherlands with its statutory seat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and its office at Wibautstraat 129 (1091 GL), registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 55241247. TSH Management B.V. is the legal entity that operates the Websites and acts as the data controller for all its activities. Therefore, this Privacy Statement applies also to each separate accommodation of The Student Hotel and all of TSH Management B.V.’s affiliated parties.

The way your personal data are processed has been notified to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

3. Which personal data do we process and for what purposes?

The Student Hotel operates activities in the business of hospitality. By using our application (the ‘TSH LIFE App’) you get access to our online community. Therefore, we would like to know a bit more about you, your guests and what your demands are. This enables us to make your stay even more pleasant, so you may one day decide to return to one of our hotels.

We collect, store and process your personal data at four possible different stages: (i) before you choose to stay at The Student Hotel, (ii) during your stay at The Student Hotel, (iii) after your stay at The Student Hotel and/or (iv) when you are accessing and using our Websites.

Before you make a booking at The Student Hotel:

When you visit the Websites, we collect information anonymously about your use of the Websites. We use this information to provide you with personal offers, both on the Website and on other websites you visit via online and third party advertisements. We may also use this information for remarketing purposes to remind and assist you with potential bookings that were left incomplete.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter by filling in your e-mail address at the Websites. This newsletter contains news and special offers of The Student Hotel. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you can use the link provided in every newsletter to unsubscribe.

When you make a reservation as a hotel guest or stay-a-while guest:

When you make a reservation as a hotel guest or a stay-a-while guest at The Student Hotel, you will provide us with your name, your (e-mail) address, your home address, your stay preferences, the dates you are staying with us and your payment details. This information will be used and is necessary to process the reservation, for billing purposes and to allow us to communicate with you about your reservation.

When you make a reservation as a semester guest:

When you make a reservation as a semester guest, you will provide us with your name, your home address, place of birth, nationality, ID/passport number, and a copy of the registration of your university. Furthermore, you have to provide us the personal details of your parents and/or guarantor. These details will be used for billing purposes and in case of an emergency.

As soon as you make a reservation as a semester guest you automatically receive a login code to enter the TSH LIFE App and/or our online portal.

After your stay at The Student Hotel:

After you left The Student Hotel we will store your personal data in a profile. Should you return to The Student Hotel someday, we want to be able to offer the best possible service you can imagine, and customize your stay based on your personal preferences. In addition to the previous, we may contact you with special offers that may be of particular interest to you.

When making use of our TSH LIFE App

When you make use of our TSH LIFE App, we collect the following types of personal data:

  • your username, password and e-mail address when you register for an account;
  • profile information that you provide for your user profile (e.g., first and last name, picture, phone number, interests);
  • user content (e.g., photos, comments, and other materials) that you post within the TSHF LIFE App;
  • your preferred payment method. The payment intermediary will ask you to provide some payment data. We will not process your payment data and/or details;

communications between you and The Student Hotel. For example, you may send us maintenance requests. We may send you service-related e-mails (e.g., account verification, changes/updates to features, technical and security notices). Note that you may not opt out of Service-related e-mails.

4. Who has access to your personal data?

We handle your personal data discreetly and will process the personal data only for our own purposes. We will never sell of give your personal data to third parties without explicit prior consent. We will only transfer your personal data to third parties if it is necessary for us to fulfill our contractual obligations towards you. The third parties we work with are bound by the same conditions toward you and your personal data as written in this privacy statement.

We automatically collect generated information for statistical purposes. This information tells us how well our Websites are functioning. This information may be provided to third parties, but only if this information cannot be traced back to you directly or indirectly.

We may also provide your data to third parties if we are obliged to do so under national or international laws and regulations.

5. Your rights

Right to information

If you want to know what personal data we have collected and/or processed from you, you can request The Student Hotel to provide an overview of your personal data by sending an e-mail to: We will provide you with an overview of your personal data that we collect and/or process. Please state clear in the subject that your request concerns a privacy matter.

Rectification and erasure

If you believe that the personal data that we process is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete, you may ask us to change or remove such personal data, by sending an e-mail to: In this e-mail you can state your interest in removing (as much as possible) or changing your personal data. Please state clear in the subject that your request concerns a privacy matter. We will reply to your request within 4 weeks.

Withdrawal of consent

When you provided your consent to us to process your personal data, you can withdraw your consent any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing activities based on your consent before its withdrawal, by sending an e-mail to: If you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process your personal data. Please state clearly in the subject that your request concerns a privacy matter.

6. How do we protect your personal data?

The Student Hotel takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or any form of unlawful use of any third party. A strictly limited number of people have access to your personal data, and access to your personal data is only granted when explicitly needed to provide our services to you. Additionally, The Student Hotel has adopted a “Security First” policy with all 3rd party vendors, software companies, internal staff and contractors, meaning we only select those that share our core beliefs on security and privacy, and take the safety and security of your personal data as seriously as we do.

7. Analytics services and cookies

The Student Hotel uses various analytics services, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Hotjar
  • Optimizely

These services use cookies to help us analyze how you use the Websites. We have concluded a processor agreement with the providers of these services, in which the obligations of these providers are adopted. We do not share any data with our analytics providers.

We furthermore use cookies that collect information on your surfing behavior. This information may contain personal data. We can use the personal data collected in that way for the purposes as stipulated in this Privacy Statement.

8. Transfer of personal data to other countries

For many of our business purposes we use cloud based services. Therefore, for technical and organizational reasons, it may be necessary that your personal data is transferred to servers located in the US, or to servers located in other countries outside of the European Economical Area. Since privacy protection regulations in these countries may not be of a sufficient level, we will ensure that your personal data will only be sent to parties and/or countries with an adequate level of personal data protection.

9. Links to other websites

The Websites may contain links to other websites we do not control. Therefore, we will not be liable for the content of these websites, nor for the processing of personal data that may occur on these websites.

10. Copyright and other rights of Intellectual Property Rights

The (intellectual) property rights relating to the content and design of the platforms and the Websites of The Student Hotel, including but not limited to text, data files, photos and (still and / or moving) images, audio material as well are owned by The Student Hotel or its licensors .

Reproduction (including processing) and / or disclosure of content and design of the platforms or the Websites of The Student Hotel is prohibited without the prior written consent of The Student Hotel.

11. Adjustments to this Privacy Statement

The Student Hotel reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. The most current and applicable version of this privacy statement can always be found on our Websites.

12. Questions

In case you have any questions with regard to this Privacy Statement, you may send an e-mail to