Travel is great, but not for the planet — here’s a couple of things you can do to cut down on your environmental impact.


What would life be without travel? Even though tourism can do good, it’s also responsible for one-tenth of the world’s carbon emissions. As it stands, at least 15 percent of emissions caused by tourism don’t face any binding sanctions, as emissions from both international aviation and bunker shipping are excluded from the Paris climate agreement. So how can we travelers do what we love most more consciously?

  1. Cut your carbon emissions

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has recently recommended new measures to combat emissions, encouraging travelers to avoid long-haul flights.

Wait a second — skipping flights? It might sound like a challenge, but who says you need air travel to get from Amsterdam to Beijing? Even if your destination is literally unreachable by train or car, you could consider off-setting your flight.


  1. Skip the bag

Always need to bring your entire wardrobe to your latest destination, but looking to skip lines at the airport or train station to load your luggage? Meet Gibbon, the travel marketplace that can help you travel without your luggage.


  1. Goeco

There are lots of websites for finding the coolest and most eco-friendly places to stay — check it out! Want to go camping instead? Check out this blog for some green advice. Want to save on electricity, but be able to recharge your phone battery? The Waka Waka is your way to go.


  1. Avoid waste

Always use reusable water bottles, download tickets on your phone, pack food in reusable containers — after exploring the local farmers market — and buy eco-friendly toiletries.


  1. Just stay at home

Technology is moving fast — maybe we can soon go on our adventures from the comfort of our homes. Virtual Reality-based, sophisticated travel apps can take you almost anywhere.