The Student Hotel and Rotterdam Partners have come together hand in hand to launch an exciting and innovative new program: Rotterdam Summer School, offering more opportunities for students of life to enjoy the pleasure of summer courses in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam Summer School pioneers as an online platform and 25 courses this Summer, with plans to expand to 200 courses and 3000 attendees over the next five years. The summer schools, an initiative of Erasmus University, cater to both students and professionals alike. Offering a wide variety of disciplines and worth study credits, they provide a refreshing response to the rising popularity of summer schools.

Rotterdam is quickly making its mark as THE place to be. Lonely Planet named it as one of the top 10 destinations worldwide for 2016 with an increasing number of people flooding in each year in search of culture and cool factor. Our director of marketing and partnerships, Frank Uffen, says ‘Rotterdam is already a popular tourist destination; now we’re offering a new target group the chance to explore the city.’ The summer schools will bring in international students in search of not only great education, but also cultural discovery.

The Student Hotel provides environments that encourage connections to inspire, unite and discover. With our involvement in this partnership, we offer an awesome social aspect to the schools allowing a fully immersive experience in Rotterdam! Not only will attendees be studying, we will provide them with a place to connect with each other and be inspired by the city around them.

We can’t wait for the first intake this summer to discover the amazing city and become Rotterdam ambassadors, encouraging the way for many more after!