Come and spend your summer in a new city with us!

All play and no work this past year? There’s still time to redeem yourself! A prestigious summer school program is the ideal way to give your CV a quick make-over. To make sure our students get the most out of their study experience all year round, The Student Hotel has partnered with some of the best Dutch institutes in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague to offer an excellent selection of challenging and rewarding summer opportunities. Check out our full list of participating summer programs here.

Keep in mind: summer school is about more than just self-improvement. It is also a fun and exciting way to discover a different city and connect with an entirely new community. Our partner universities are located in the heart of city centers, providing students with access to vibrant local life and activities. By staying at The Student Hotel, our guests will also enjoy the usual comforts they’ve come to love, such as stylish study lounges, a buzz of creative energy and the possibility of forging lasting friendships.

We’ve selected our partner programs based on a wide range of disciplines, so there should be something to spark every interest. Find out more here!