The Student Hotel teams up with Hero de Janeiro to inspire smiles and happy butts.

Hero de Janeiro is a legendary Amsterdam street artist who transformed the dull, lifeless Wildesteeg street in the Red Light District into Amsterdam’s happiest, most-photographed alley. After his quirky, inspirational street art was taken down from the alley, The Student Hotel decided to make it a mission to continue to spread his message of peace, love and happiness. So we created 2500 #HAPPYBUTTS bike seat covers featuring Hero’s iconic Wildesteeg art style. 

The competition between student residents of The Student Hotel is now complete. All of whom are now happy owners of a #happybutts bike seat cover, the challenge was to share their happy travels on social media. The public have now cast their vote and Emil Safarov is now the happy owner of the #happybutts bike. Congratulations to all of those who took part. It was a tough decision!

For the video, the exhibition and our full story check it out here: