Made Blue

A plastic free alternative for bottled water

As we are fast expanding and new TSH locations open all across Europe, we are also very aware of the impact that we have on the ecological and social environment of cities. We therefore make it a point to invest in the sustainability of our locations, both in the buildings itself as well as in its operations and use.

One of the aspects of our operations that we can significantly affect, is the suppliers that we work with. And that’s where Made Blue comes in.

For our restaurant the Commons in all our Dutch locations, we were looking for an alternative to bottled water as our ambition for our restaurants is to become waste-free. When we learned of Made Blue, we were quite enthusiastic about their business model. Through our partnership, we get to serve tap water while simultaneously support communities where drinking water is scarce.

We feel this is one of the easiest ways to contribute to a more sustainable world, and we’re proud to be a partner of Made Blue!