Hotel Guests

Can I stay even though I'm not a student?

Anyone can book a hotel room. Guests who would like to stay for more than two weeks can book a Shortstay Package. Only students can book a Semester Package.

What time are the check in and out?

Check in is from 3 PM, check out is before 12 PM.

Is it possible to check in before 3 PM?

You can check in, but we cannot guarantee that your room will be ready by that time. However, you can always leave your luggage at the reception and go explore the city!

Is there bed linen and towels in my hotel room?

Of course!

Is there a hair dryer in my hotel room?

In Amsterdam City, Groningen and Eindhoven there are hairdryers in the rooms. In other locations, you can borrow one from the reception desk.

Do you have twin rooms?

Twin rooms are available only in Amsterdam City.

Do you have triple rooms?

No, only single and double rooms.

Can I have a late check out?

You can request a late check out at the reception on the day of the check out. Please note that it costs €20.

Can I cancel my booking free of charge?

It depends on your rate. If you have a refundable rate, you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before check in. If you have a non-refundable rate, you cannot get a free of charge cancellation.

Can I rent a bike?

Yes, our custom The Student Hotel bike is €9 euro per day.

Is breakfast included in the price?

No, but you can book before you check in! In Amsterdam West, Rotterdam and The Hague, you can get it for €7,95 per day. Breakfast in Groningen is €10 before check in. In Amsterdam City and Eindhoven, breakfast is €12 before check in. Just email us on with your booking confirmation number.

I don't have a credit card, can I still book a room?

If you want to book a hotel stay, you can book it via telephone (+31 20 760 7575) or by email, in which case you’ll have to check in before 6 PM. If you want to book a semester stay, you can pay with a debit card or iDEAL (Dutch online payment system). If you want to book a “stay awhile”, you’ll have to pay with a credit card, unfortunately.

Do you provide laundry service in the hotel?

The Student Hotels have on-site laundry rooms with several washers, dryers and ironing boards which you can use at all times. They cost €3,50 per wash, including laundry detergent and fabric softener, and €1,50 per use of the dryer.

I could not find a certain room type on your website. Do you still have it available?

All available room types for the dates you’ve selected on our website. If you can’t find the room type you were looking for on the web site, that means that it’s currently sold out.

Student and Stay Awhile Living

Can I stay even though I'm not a student?

Anyone can book a hotel room. Guests who would like to stay for more than two weeks can book a Shortstay Package. Only students can book a Semester Package

As a student, can I move in earlier?

Yes, you can! If you’ve booked a room for September in one of our locations in the Netherlands, you can move in up to two weeks earlier using a special discount code. This code will be sent to you with your booking confirmation. If you’d like to move in more than two weeks in advance, you will need to book a Shortstay Package – just remember to book your reservation until September 1st (not August 31st) or February 1st (not January 31st).  If you’ve booked a room in Barcelona or Paris, please send an early arrival request to your booking agent.

Is it possible to register in the city hall?

Yes, it is. Guests who stay in Amsterdam for longer than three months, and in Rotterdam and The Hague and other Dutch cities for longer than a day, can register at city hall to avoid paying city tax. All you have to do is send us your official proof of registry. In Barcelona, you can register at the Oficina de Atención al Ciudadano (Citizen Advice Office).

What is included in my rate?

There are so many perks included in your rate! Let’s break it down.

  • – Fully-furnished room with private bathroom
  • – Access to a shared kitchen with regular cleaning (or a private kitchen if you have a Suite)
  • – All utilities including gas, water and electricity
  • – Free use of a custom bike during your stay (only in the Netherlands and Florence)
  • – Free Wi-Fi all over the building and in your room
  • – Access to the common spaces including lounge, games area, study area, gym, and rooftop swimming pool and solarium (where available)
  • – Reception team available 24/7
  • – Year round calendar of social events and group activities
  • – Room safe (available only in Barcelona and Paris)

For hotels located in the Netherlands, your rate also includes bed linen, bath towels and bi-monthly room cleaning. Keep in mind that the laundry room is available, but washing and drying is not included in your rate! More information is to be found in the laundry section of this FAQ.

Can two people stay in a room?

In the Netherlands and Paris, Semester Packages are only available for single occupancy. In Barcelona, double occupancy is available in Twin Rooms. Shortstay Packages are available for double occupancy only in Suites with private kitchens.

How many people do I share a kitchen with?

Suites have a private kitchen. If you’re staying at one of our locations in The Netherlands and you’ve opted for a room with shared kitchen access, you’ll share the kitchen with 7 – 13 other guests (students with students, shortstay with shortstay). Each shared kitchen has designated, individual shelf space for each member in the cupboards, the refrigerator and the freezer. In Barcelona and Paris, communal kitchens also include additional living room and television. Barcelona kitchens are shared among 11 students; Paris kitchens are shared among 7-10 guests. If you’re staying in Florence, your communal kitchen is shared with all residents. Each floor has a small kitchen pantry where you can store food.

Are bed linen and towels included?

If you’re staying in any of our hotels in the Netherlands as of September 2017, then YES! If you’re staying in another location, bed linen and towels are not included, just the pillows and blanket.

Is cleaning included?

If you’re staying at any of our locations in the Netherlands, you get bi-monthly room cleaning and monthly linen change. Your shared kitchen gets regular surface cleaning. And all common areas are cleaned daily! For properties outside of the Netherlands, all common areas, including the communal kitchens, are cleaned daily. Extra room cleaning is provided as an additional service. Options include weekly cleaning or weekly cleaning and linen change bookable on the online platform. The price for these services depends on room type and location.

Is my bike insured?

This is relevant to locations offering bikes! No, but you can get your custom bike insured against theft. The insurance fee is only €35, covering 5 months, and €70 covering 10 months. It’s smart to consider getting bike insurance, because getting your bike stolen can happen to the best of us and if you’re insured, you only pay €90 (your own risk), which is a lot less, compared to the full €350 you’d have to pay in case you didn’t have insurance.

Can I receive mail and packages?

All mail and packages will be delivered to the reception. Each morning, we sort and distribute your mail.

Booking as a Student Guest

Can I stay even though I'm not a student?

Anyone can book a hotel room. Guests who would like to stay for more than two weeks can book a Shortstay Package. Only students can book a Semester Package

Can I reserve a room?

Yes, you can! Your room will be reserved for you as soon as your deposit is paid. If there is no room availability for the dates you’re looking for, we have a waiting list you can subscribe to.

Can I book different move in and out dates?

Unfortunately, Semester Packages have fixed move in and out dates that match the semesters in an academic year. It is possible to arrive up to 2 weeks early, but if you’re looking for truly flexible move in and out dates, you should book a Shortstay Package.

How can I pay?

In the Netherlands and Florence, you can pay via the student portal, using iDEAL (the Dutch online payment system), a credit or a debit card. Unfortunately, you cannot pay via bank transfer. In Barcelona and Paris, you can pay by bank transfer, credit card or Flywire. We’re currently working on a system that allows payment in the form of macarons.

When do I have to make my payment?

When you book a room, you need to pay a deposit, estimated during the booking process, at the time of booking. After that, in the student portal, invoices must be paid in accordance with the agreed upon instalments. For locations in Barcelona and Paris, additional registration fees apply.

Is it possible to view a room before I book it?

Yes, you can come by for a tour. We’ll be happy to show you around the facilities and rooms. Please click on each location to see when we’re open for tours: Amsterdam City, Amsterdam West, Rotterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Eindhoven, Maastricht.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, if you want to book a Semester Package, you need to be between 16 and 38 years old.

Is there a waiting list for students looking for a room?

We have a waiting list for the currently sold out or an upcoming semester. Can’t find any available Semester Package for the locations, semester or academic year that you want? You can put your name on the waiting list here. We’ll contact you when we have an offer available or let you know you can book your stay online!

I want to stay in your hotel for a few weeks or months. Is it possible?

Semester Packages are available for fixed check-in dates. If you’d like to book a room for a few weeks or months outside these dates, you can book a Shortstay Package. Check our “Shortstay” section to learn more. Please note: you can only book these rooms in Barcelona if you are a student or if you are affiliated with an educational organization.

Why do I pay a different rate each month?

If you have booked a Semester Package in one of our locations in Netherlands, you may notice that your rate changes every month. That is because you pay a daily rate which is due at the end of the month. So, you pay more for months with 31 days, less for days with 30 days and you get really excited when February rolls around.

General Questions

Can I pay in cash?

No, we are a cash-free hotel.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), debit cards; iDEAL (only for the semester stays). We do NOT accept PayPal.

Is there somewhere I can store my bike?

The Student Hotel has a bike garage for its own bikes. Your own private bikes cannot be parked on the premises of The Student Hotel, but there are bike parking spaces nearby.

Are pets allowed?

No, we do not allow any pets.

Do you have baby cots?

We have them only in certain locations. Please contact the reception to check if the cot is available, as their availability is limited.

Can I make a reservation in the restaurant?

Amsterdam City, Groningen and Eindhoven. Head over to The Pool’s website and make a reservation. In all other locations, you cannot make a reservation. Just come down to the restaurant and order.