Want to get a real feel of Groningen? Check out the list below and explore the city as a local!

Cat Café 

Are you looking for some furry love? Enjoy a coffee break surrounded by ten lovely cats in this cat café located in the heart of Groningen. Reservations aren’t always required, but we recommend you book a spot in advance to make sure you won’t be disappointed. Swing by for breakfast, lunch, high tea or even dinner — there’s also a special agenda for yoga with cats and movie night! 

DOT (Bar/Restaurant)

DOT is a multipurpose space and gastrobar serving coffee, tea and dinner to the beat of hip DJs, while also offering a private space for events and a breathtaking film and theater hall. For a calendar of all performances and opening times, click here.

Climbing Wall Excalibur

Calling all adventurous travellers — especially those who aren’t afraid of heights. The world’s tallest climbing wall is 36 meter tall and gives you a unique view of Groningen. Its unconventional shape and impressive height will keep you busy for a whole day. Never climbed before? No problem, beginners’ lessons are offered to help you get to the top in no time. 

Buurman & Buurman (restaurant)

Our favorite pizza place in town opened last summer and is the place to be if you’re a foodie! Think Italian wood oven pizza and add a great selection of beer and wine. For more information and their incredible menu, click here.  


Are you a fan of window shopping or simply can’t go a few days without blowing some cash? Make sure you hit the coolest shopping street in Groningen for the latest fashion or a last-minute gift. 

De Uurwerker

This casual, alternative place is located right next to Groningen University. Need to get some work done on your laptop but looking for a change of scenery and great coffee or beer? De Uurwerker is the place for you! 

Oude Gasfabriek Groningen

Amazing food in a beautiful location? This hotspot is an old factory transformed into a modern and hip hangout spot/restaurant/bar. It’s ideal for those who aren’t just looking for great food, but also want an amazing experience. There’s also a vegan menu available. 

Sportcentrum Kardinge 

If you love sports, this is your spot! At Sportcentrum Kardige you’re able to do (almost) every sport, from swimming to playing tennis and ice skating. For more information, click here.

 El Santo – Groningen

The authentic Mexican experience in downtown Groningen. Think fresh tacos, nachos, tostadas and quesadillas in a buzzing place — and all food is prepared from organic ingredients. Looking to book a table or check out the menu? Click here!