The Student Hotel our story

We are The Student Hotel, a global community connected by one spirit, the student spirit, open, curious and unfinished. We live it and experience it every hour of every day in every hotel. Our physical and digital spaces are designed obsessively to connect and grow with this fast evolving clan, to drive forward all individual goals while pushing one joint purpose, to change the world.

Yes we co-work, yes we co-live and we co-a-lot-more, so welcome to the world’s biggest Complete Connected Community.

The Complete Connected Community

“With the barriers between work and play progressively breaking down, a logical next step for our already hybrid accommodation model is properties that combine living with leisure and work facilities.

- Charlie MacGregor, The Student Hotel CEO
Complete Connected Community, The Student Hotel

Our Mission for 2021


On March 3rd, 2017 The Student Hotel unveiled TSH COLLAB, a fully liveable workspace that caters to entrepreneur demands and rockstar lifestyles, and our most recent addition to the complete connected community.

The debut TSH COLLAB facility is located at our flagship hotel, The Student Hotel Amsterdam City, and offers flexi-desk space, dedicated offices, mini classrooms as well as access to an Olympic pool, a world-class gym, an auditorium, regional comfort food restaurant, constant connectivity, endless inspiration and excellent coffee. Future TSH COLLAB co-working spaces to be added to an additional 36 properties by 2021.

welcome to the tshcollab freshmen

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