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Favela Street Project

TSH Transformational Crowd Program is proud to be a supporter of Favela Street Foundation, a non-profit football foundation which cultivates roles models in areas of hardship across the globe. This project bought together 6 incredible role models from the Favelas of Rio & Port au Prince to Amsterdam, for a 2 week role model program. TSH was happy to donate 93 free nights at The Student Hotel to help make this important international mission happen.

Bed TalksShare, Connect, Inspire

Bed Talks is a TSH managed, free-thinking event that connects extraordinary people working on positive change in the world and offers them a platform to further propel their ideas, their initiatives and projects. The public events bring together locals and guests, inviting them to engage in conversations with each other, inspire each other, learn from each other, and hopefully find new collaborations, friends and maybe even go change the world for the better.

Stella FoundationJaehoon Cho

Jaehoon Cho was a TSH Semester student 2015/16 who discovered his purpose over this period while discussing cultural differences in the international kitchens of Semester accommodation. Today he is the founder of The Stella Foundation, named after his mother, which sets out to create awareness and an open environment to discuss the stigma of depression in Korea, a country with the highest depression and suicide rate of all OECD countries. TSH transformational crowd program are proud to support his inspiring mission.